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Shuangwei Love, Casting Tapes Delivery
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Shuangwei Love, Casting Tapes Delivery

Casting tapes are main products of Nanjing Shuangwei Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. This company is an enterprise specializing in the production of medical equipment, and dedicated to the field of orthopedic treatment and rehabilitation. "Shuangwei" brand medical casting tapes of glass fiber polymer (splint) is a new type of orthopedic external fixation products, mainly used for support and protection of patients with bone and soft tissue for surgery, limb orthopedics and fixation, etc.. Compared with the plaster bandages, it bears numerous advantages, such as high strength, light weight, fast shaping, good air permeability, waterproof, through X-ray, no toxicity, no skin itching ,no smell, easy to operate, patient comfort, etc,. In recent years, :”Shuangwei” brand medical bandage of glass fiber polymer has successfully entered into the domestic and foreign markets in virtue of the reliable quality, and widely used in domestic large -medium-sized city hospitals. Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital, Provincial People's Hospital, Nanjing Military District General Hospital and other major hospitals are all in use. The product also has entered the field of medical insurance. In addition, its products are exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, and Middle East, South America and other regions, getting domestic and foreign customers’ consistent recognition and praise, and enjoying good international reputation. The "forming orthopedic brace and method of manufacturing and using" has got the national patent applications. This product is currently in urgent need in disaster areas. 1000 volume of products (valued at 100,000 Yuan) of this company were all contributed to the disaster area on May 16. After contacting Nanjing Food and Drug Administration, the company arranged for staff to work overtime to wait for fax delivery. These products would be directly sent to the 120 center in Chengdu (Chengdu earthquake relief headquarters).

After the earthquake happened, Shuangwei has been paying closely attention to the situation of the disaster area. While getting the news from the media that orthopedic casting tapes (splint) are in urgent need in medical assistance in disaster areas, the company resolutely decided to make the medical staff work overtime to manufacture fiberglass bandages, ready to donations of 3000 (worth about 20 million Yuan) bandages. Now they have got in touch with the Nanjing Charity Federation and ready to bring medical equipment to disaster areas anytime. 

Disasters have no mercy, but humans do. Hope casting tapes could be reached the affected areas as soon as possible, to help our fellow citizens for an early resumption of physical and mental health to rebuild their beautiful homeland.


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