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Printed Woven Orthopaedic Fiberglass casting Materials (3)
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Printed Woven Orthopaedic Fiberglass casting Materials (3)

As indicated generally above, typical orthopaedic fiberglass casting tapes comprise a substrate having a curable resin coated thereon. The resin generally includes such additives as lubricants and defoaming agents therein. The lubricants will facilitate unrolling, application and molding of the orthopedic casting tape, without the resin (prior to setting) interfering. The defoaming agents act to increase cast strength and porosity. A market demand has arisen for the provision of items such as orthopedic casting tapes which are provided with a decorative presentation. Decorations desirable for such constructions include, for example, solid colors, prints and multicolored decorations. A need has therefore arisen for the development of methods and materials for generating such decorations on fabric materials such as those used in preferred orthopedic casting tapes.


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