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Printed Woven Orthopaedic Fiberglass casting Materials (2)
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Printed Woven Orthopaedic Fiberglass casting Materials (2)

In general, it is desired that the orthopaedic fiberglass casting tapes be constructed from a fabric or substrate which is relatively stretchable; i.e., which has an extensibility of at least about 15 to 25 percent, preferably at least about 20 percent, once coated with the uncured resin. This will facilitate fitting the casting tape around contoured portions of the body, such as the heel, knee or elbow. A preferred fiber material from which such stretchable casting tapes can be formed is fiberglass. Fiberglass woven or knitted substrates usable in casting tapes such as those of U.S. Patents '661 and '937 include the knitted substrate of Scotchcast® PLUS casting tape, which tape is available from 3M Company, St. Paul, Minnesota. Other useable materials include knits having elastomeric yarns, such as Deltalight Conformable (Johnson and Johnson). A resin-coated extensible heat-set fiberglass knit tape, of a type useable in applications of concern herein, is described in U.S. Patent 4,609,578, incorporated herein by reference.


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