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Mechanical Testing with Fiberglass Casting Tapes
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Mechanical Testing with Fiberglass Casting Tapes

Multi orthopaedic fiberglass casting tapes materials were evaluated with respect to tensile and fatigue strengths, exothermicity (evolution of heat during polymerization), permeability (porosity), radiolucency, and cost. Strength determination for a five-layer sample included measurement of the ultimate load at which a material failed, the ability to absorb energy, and the stiffness a material possessed after application of a cyclic stress. Results indicated that Vet Cast was superior with respect to tensile and fatigue strengths. The exothermic reaction associated with the “curing” or polymerization process was evaluated and not considered excessive although Ultra Cast attained a temperature of 48.0°C and was uncomfortable to handle during application. Permeability was determined. Delta Lite and Hexcelite NS were the most permeable materials and dried more rapidly and thoroughly after immersion than the other casting materials. Hexcelite NS was considered the least radiolucent material and was the most expensive material studied. Each of the synthetic casting materials demonstrated superiority in one or more of the categories tested. No one product demonstrated consistent superiority in criteria appropriate for clinical application.


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